Depression Era and WW2

No one can do it better than Clara - on Depression Era Cooking! Please if you have not viewed her video's, then you are missing a real TREAT! She's everyone's Nana. 

I am blown away at how many of her recipes are ones my Mom made occasionally - Even CD says he remembers his own Mom, cooking that way to save money. Both our Moms,  having lived through the depression. I also believe, those who lived through it, never left it behind. It became a part of them. I know my folks used to stock pile certain things. One item in particular was funny - toilet paper. I don't know if it was rare or hard to find during the depression but I am positive the only real reason they got a Costco card, was so they could buy toilet paper in bulk. Then they stored it in a back bedroom. They took it a step higher and also stock piled paper towels.(God rest their sweet souls)

Both my folks were children in the depression - born in 32 and 34 - but boy times were hard enough, that they could still remember back to when they were 4 and sometimes 3. Plus the war years were not easy either. They could not waste a thing -  they all needed to do their part for the war effort.  I know my dad lived on a farm in Eastern Tennessee and worked the coal mines with his father- so they lived a little better than my Mom did, who was a "city girl"  in Dayton, Ohio. Grandma (a single mom) did factory work and at times it was literally feast to famine.  Grandma would get paid on a Friday - and since she was not good at managing her money, spend it all on a steak some potatoes, and a few other things and they would eat real good for 2-3 nights. Then starve till next pay day! Whereas my dad's family always had meat, and veggies - and they had a home. Never mind, the fact that my dad had to wear lard buckets on his feet as shoes...
Dad standing on his horse
My dad's life was very similar to the Walton's - in that they lived in Eastern TN - had 9 (nine) children - was poor but survived. It was all about family back then. Whereas it was just my Mom and her Mom. Her brother was in England during the war with the Army Air Corp. There were 16 years between her and her older brother Bud. Having no home, they moved from rooming house to rooming house. They were very poor!